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Purchase Orders

Purchase Orders

If you use the purchase order option to pay for an online order, you will need to provide a purchase order number to do so. Once your order has been completed, you will be sent an email confirmation which will include your quoted purchase order number, product SKU number, order value, your requested ship date and your choice on whether to ship complete. You will not be able to finalize your online order if a purchase order number is not provided. 

There is no need to send Spirax Sarco Canada a copy of your purchase order once an online order has been completed. 

Paying by Credit Card 

If you are paying via credit card, a purchase order is not required but please indicate you have paid by another method by inputting 'Other' into the purchase order number field. Once your order is complete, you will also receive a confirmation email. Following shipment of your order, you will receive an invoice email for reference only with the note that this has already been paid by credit card.